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Cloud Engineer

At Appwrite we're looking for a Cloud Engineer to join our team.

Full-time / Part-time · Remote

About the job

Appwrite is looking for a Cloud Engineer to help us build our next-generation of cloud platforms. You'll build a fully automated and resilient container-based multi-cloud environment using the latest cloud orchestration tools and platforms.


  • Design and build the cloud architecture for Appwrite with emphasis on cost reduction, automation, scalability and redundancy.

  • Design and improve new and existing product features and contribute to the ongoing efforts to build the hosted version of Appwrite.

  • Be the go-to person and tech decision-maker for infrastructure and cloud architecture questions

  • Contribute to the overall SRE/devops strategy in the company

  • Engage with developers in the OSS community who use our products.

  • Advocate and demonstrate new product features and capabilities.


  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent practical experience.

  • In depth knowledge of security, web infrastructure and cloud native technologies.

  • Experience with cloud provisioning tools like terraform.

  • Expertise in designing architecture for multi-regional and multi-million user SaaS product companies.

  • Experience working with orchestration frameworks like k8s, docker swarm etc.

  • Proven experience in building large scale, distributed infrastructure on AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean etc.

  • Passion for simplicity and great Developer Experience.

  • Passion for open-source, building developer tools, and working with our developer community.

  • Prior Open Source contributions to CNCF or related projects is a plus.


🏠 100% Remote

Our entire company is distributed, so we take remote work seriously. If you’d rather not work from home, we will cover the cost of a coworking or office space.

📈 Stock Options

Get generous stock options for a company that is growing blazing fast and is backed by top VCs :)

🕰 Flexible Hours & Days

We're a remote team working in different time zones, from UTC+06:00 to UTC-06:00. Choose the hours and days that work best for you!

🏥 Healthcare

Employees receive generous medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. Full-time contractors will have the cost of healthcare factored into their salary. Our recruiting team can help confirm which applies to you.

❤️ Github Sponsorship of Your Choice

We would love to give an annual sponsorship to any GitHub project of your choice!

🎓 Learning

Appwrite provides $3,000 USD for employees to attend conferences, take classes, or otherwise further their education.

✈️ Gatherings

We typically meet up couple times a year in person for work and fun! What will be our next location? NYC, London, LA, or Barcelona? Help us decide!

🖥 Top Notch Equipment

Appwrite will let you choose a new laptop of your choice (up to $4,000 USD) and will reimburse up to $500 USD for office expenses.

🧦 Unlimited SWAGS

At Appwrite, we really love Swags. Each new team member gets unlimited credits to grab any official Appwrite Swag that they wish.

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